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Micro Cable

  • Product Construction :
    Fiber type G652D.
    2 - 288 fibers.
    Loose tube fiber jelly filled.
    Color coding per TIA/EIA 598B.
    Cable jelly filled available upon request.

  • Central Strength Member :
    FRP (Fiber Rainforcement Polymer)

  • Overall strength Member:
    Outer Jacket
    Black UV and moisture-resistant polyethylene (PE)
    Any color of outer jackect available upon request

  • Features:
    Mult loose tube unarmored.
    Outer sheat HDPE for optiomal blowing length.
    Complete dielectric /non electric cable immune to electromagnetic interference
    Suitable for blowing.
    UV resistant outer sheath.
    Suitable for micro duct installation.

  • Performance:
    Temperature storage -40°C(-40°F) to +70°C(158°F)
    Template installation -30°C(-22°F) to +60°C(140°F)
    Temperature operating -40°C(-40°F) to +70°C(158°F)

    Minimum Bending Radius
    - 20 X OD - installation
    - 10X OD -in-service

    Crush resistance: 1500N(50X100mm)/60s

    - Outdoor underground microduct cable
    - Inter-building voice or data communication backbones
    - Also can be installed in ducts, underground conduct

  • Hot Stamp Print:
    Raddyfiber manufacturing ltd, micro cable, fibercount, fiber type,
    - manufacturing date, length, made in Tanzania
    Special marking available upon request

  • Packaging:
    Wooden drum: 2km and 4km
    - Other length less than 4km available upon request

  • Ordering: +255 736 100 107